2020 Vision

Pantone Color Institute has selected Classic Blue as the color of the year 2020. Blue is my favorite color. I’ll take it as a good omen! Otherwise, looking at the economic trend and the world as it is, the year 2020 is not looking so bright. Recession is expected across Asia. Indonesia is no exception: many large startups are looking to stop burning money with cashback promos, which will reduce spending and cash flows. Global pollution and plastic wastes are still killing us. Honestly, it all just seems so anti climax, these bad vibes are leading up into the new decade, a new future. I have high hopes for 2020, its just a cool number to live in.

Looking back at 2019

Before we look forward, let’s recap a bit about the past year. And who better to tell us than our all wise, all knowing father: Google.

Thanks dad, for that uplifting video. Avengers: Endgame definitely was the highlight of the year for me too. Oh wait, my second daughter was born, that’s probably more important. Yeah, 2019 was actually quite good for me. It seems Jakarta suddenly grew into a proper metropolis with MRT and safe-ish sidewalks. Tokopedia also grew fast, with around 4000 employees now. So plenty of exciting changes where I live and work. Heading to the new year, I still have some hope, that the positive trend will continue…

Good things in 2020

Just to stay positive, I’m just going to make a list of things I’m looking forward to happen in 2020, hopefully:

  1. Trade wars will dissipate and end the Asian recession.
  2. Tokopedia will go public and be even more awesome.
  3. Disney+ will launch in Indonesia with affordable pricing.
  4. Indonesia’s new education minister makes big improvements, just in time for my first daughter to enter elementary school.
  5. The upcoming Playstation 5 will not be as ugly as rumored.

And of course, the usual new year resolution things: getting promoted, losing weight (I need at least 5kg off) and releasing my second game no matter how bad it is.

All in all, 2019 was great, and here’s to another great year: 2020.


By Anton Saputro

Lead Product Manager with UX design and programming background. 10+ years of professional experience in digital startups, agencies, and ecommerce. Trusted with leading roles in development teams to manage and execute projects efficiently. A critical thinker, problem solver, and deeply passionate about creating products that people love to use.

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