The Perfect Button

As a front-end guy, I’ve made hundreds of buttons for websites and mobile apps of all different shapes and colors. It becomes an itching question for me, is there such a thing as the perfect button? What is a button anyway?


Smart Home on a Budget

Having a smart home would be neat, but most of the tech available is just too expensive. Here’s some quick low-tech tips for making your home a little bit smarter without breaking your wallet.


Anger management explained with RPG

Pyschologist Dr. Abraham Twerski explains the three steps of anger as such:

  1. Anger – the feeling of anger of being provoked
  2. Rage – our reaction to anger
  3. Resentment – how long we hold on to the anger

The doctor explained how the feeling of anger itself is hardly our fault, but the reaction of rage and further resentment can be resisted. Watch the video on YouTube for more enlightenment.

Now, having recently completed the RPG game “Divinity: Original Sin 2”, I can’t help to compare those three concepts of anger to some hero skills in the game:


2 Simple Lessons for Good Communication

There was a philosophy class during my communications master studies where I learned about Plato, Hegel, Heidegger, and others. But sadly there was no mention of Ludwig Wittgenstein, who has some excellent theories on communication which can be summarised into two simple lessons. More