What are we, but particles in space? A very particular configuration of probabilities that happened just as we are now. To search for meaning is as meaningless as is everything. But, the search itself defines you.

You might not think you have asked the question before. But there is a reason, that you wake up everyday. More than survival, and more than instincts. Deep inside you, it sets you apart as self-aware beings in this limitless universe.  The search grows.

Sometimes we look back, and wonder at the future. It’s time to consider yourself now. This moment of self discovery, that you can have, just by asking yourself: what is my purpose?

There are no right or wrong answer. The answer is many, and fluid. Their current is so strong, that if you stop to contemplate, just for a moment, you will be swept away. Drift with your thoughts, explore time as you remember it, and what you will know of it. Feel what you think is right, and set your body and mind to do it.

What you are reading, is not a guide to anything, nor there should be one. As particles in space, your sway is infinite. Just know that there is nothing and everything to live for. And the search lives with you.


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