Applying Nielsen Heuristics for UX Evaluation

The 10 parts of Nielsen Heuristics evaluation has piqued my interest for some time, but I’ve never found out how to actually do it. But one day, while I was doing a site audit and looking at a storyboard view of many pages, I can start to see.. the heuristic patterns (it’s like a scene from A Beautiful Mind). After some clarification of the evaluation methods and investigation of the actual website, I was confident I can provide a scoring method. You can check out a sample below, but please keep in mind that it’s just an experiment!

This whole ordeal is currently very subjective. I think it’s definitely possible that a heuristic evaluation method could be used by UX designers to audit whole websites or certain features on behalf of the actual users with objective consistency. The problem is, it takes quite a bit of time and effort to test all of the factors manually. Perhaps with some kind of computer vision and machine learning, the usability test could be automated? It’s a long shot, given the differences in culture and experiments of various target markets, but a generic baseline is plausible.

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